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Comparison of filtration efficiency of air-flow filter press
October 14 , 2022

    Currently, the chamber membrane filter press is widely applied in mining, smelting, metallurgy and chemical industry. Yet, the CJ series air-flow filter press is proven to perform perfect in these industries by our customers.

     Here, we will help you find the difference between the two kinds of filter presses. Details are indicated as below.

Chamber Membrane Filter Press

CJ Air-flow Series Filter Press

filter press

Washing process

※ Feeding from center

※ Diagonally crossed washing

※ Feeding from external side

※ Complete uniform and even washing


※ Simple structure

※ Low manufacture cost

※ The cake is complete and evenly distributed for high efficiency washing.

※ High washing efficiency up to 99.7%.

※ Multiple countercurrent washing process is available.

※ Washing and filtration all-in-one.

※ Low cake moisture.

※ Save at least 50% energy and water consumption.


※ Cake is not well and uniformly distributed, even holes existed.

※ The slurry at the central feeding hole

cannot be washed which will pollute the

finished products.

※ High requirements for auxiliary equipment for washing process.

※ Large energy and water consumption.

※ High cake moisture.

※ Long cycling time for a limited capacity.

※ The investment cost is higher than that of membrane filter press.