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The reasons that the pressure cannot be reached
October 14 , 2022

    People always encounter the problem that the pressure cannot be reached when they operate filter press. So why? Let's share some points with you.

1. Leakage of the sealing oil of piston in the cylinder

    It’s not easy to judge if the sealing oil is leaking since it cannot be observed from external. You can press the cylinder until it cannot move forward anymore. The pressure will stop rising and keep unchanged.

Separated the oil return pipe and cylinder connection. At this stage, if the piston stops moving, causing the cylinder oil leakage, it’s confirmed the sealing is damaged and has to be replaced.

Notice: It's very complicated to replace the part. Please replace and repair it under the guidance and instruction of the manufacturer. Be ware of dangerous.

2. Failure of the electromagnetic change valve

    Take the inlet and outlet pipe out from the cylinder. Press and release the electromagnetic change valve to check if any leakage. Please clean it with kerosene or just replace it.

3. Insufficient hydraulic oil

    The leakage of sealing parts and natural evaporation will cause the insufficient of oil. When the oil is too insufficient for the pump to reach hydraulic oil, please add it.

    Hopefully the above-mentioned information can help you.