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A special CJ Air-through Membrane Filter Press for coal selection
June 29 , 2023

Technical Spec.

Compared to traditional chamber membrane filter presses with their high cake moisture rate and low capacity, and tank pressure filters with their high energy consumption and failure rate, our Air-through Membrane filter presses offer a superior solution for the filtration of floatation clean coal. With our innovative technology, we have achieved remarkable advantages as below:

²  Enabling non-membrane squeezing and high-efficient blowing and drying of complete filter cakes.

²  Ensuring homogeneous filter cake moisture and capacity through smart operation and control system.

²  Saving at least 40% of electricity and gas consumption through more than 20 optimizations.

²  The modularized design is able to minimize wear and tear. The high degree of automation ensures a minimum human intervention.

²  The patented regeneration technology of our filter cloth ensures durability and efficiency for an extended lifetime.

²  The innovation in sealing enhancement, air-drying design, energy savings, and consumption reduction far surpasses any feeble attempts made by imitators.

²  The moisture rate is lower, at 12%–14% for clean coal and 20%–25% for primary slime.

Technical advantages

Ø  Complete and homogeneous filter cake, three-stage effective filtration, and a moisture rate of 12%–14% for clean coal.

Ø  The triple regeneration technology implemented in the filter cloth ensures an extension of its lifetime by a minimum of 50%.

Ø  The filter press’ smart pack linkage and control systems aid in the construction of a truly intelligent plant.

Ø  Multiple hydraulic cylinder systems for fast closing and opening and a filter plate-shifting mechanism enable automation of discharge.

Ø  Our patented energy-saving air-drying technology can reduce consumption by a remarkable 20% or more when compared to imitators.

Ø  The filter cloth with a vulcanized rubber coating on the sealing face can enhance the seal and extend its lifetime.

Ø  The continuous clarification technology can achieve self-diagnosis of the filter cloth and automatic shutdown, further enhancing safety and convenience.

Ø  For undercurrent filter presses, the outward U-shaped pipe can achieve real-time diagnosis of filter cloth.

Ø  The filter plates can avoid arcing and delamination thanks to cutting-edge light curtain technology.

Ø  The splashing prevention technology allows for a splashing alarm and one-key stop, ensuring a mess-free experience.

Ø  The four-detector system can monitor the operation of filter presses to ensure safety.

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